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Providing programs and services that empower and enhance the quality of life for individuals and families.


bulletDevelop quality, affordable housing
bulletEncourage public and private     partnerships with other organizations     with common goals and interests
bulletEmploy a holistic approach in moving     residents toward self-sufficiency
bulletImprove the health and well-being of
     the community

Welcome to The Spruce Street Community
Development Corporation

Spruce Street Community Development Corporation (SSCDC or CDC) is a non-profit organization that coordinates numerous community programs to meet specific needs of the citizens of North Nashville. The SSCDC was established in 2000. The goal is to lead and inspire the community in working together to enrich and sustain the neighborhood as one that welcomes diversity. The (SSCDC) addresses the social, educational an economic needs of families through summer and after-school academic programs, youth enichment programs, and family development services. The ultimate goal is family economic stability and self-sufficiency. This is achieved through training, job placement, social services, counseling, and if needed, treatment. Relationships with other public and private community resources are leveraged into partnerships that provide services and support to address health, housing, employment, training, and other human services needs of the constituency.

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